Marine Cargo Insurance


The vast majority of the ocean borne shipments arrive free of damage and loss. However, shipper should be aware that ocean carriers in general are liable up to $500 per customary freight unit (i.e. box, skid, pallet etc). Also ocean carrier’s liability may be limited to $500 per entire shipment.

If you would like to get an extra protection for your valuable shipment we can arrange a marine cargo insurance policy on your behalf. Typically, depends on commodity, rates are $1,5 per $100 (1,5%) of insured value declared, $50 minimum. Deductible, as a rule, varies from $500 and up. In order to obtain a quotation for your shipment from us a Commercial Invoice (for commercial shipments) or Valued Packing list (for personal shipments) must be submitted in advance.

Having this document on file, we need at least one business day in order to provide an insurance quote. Otherwise you may purchase insurance on your shipment through any insurance agency of your choice.