Frequently Asked Questions


The majority of cars handled by SOTBY are loaded and shipped from: NY/NJ, Miami

Once your first contract agreement for your first shipment with Sotby is finalized, you will receive exclusive access to our online shipment tracking system www.sotby.com where you’ll be able to follow the progress of your cargo.

Usually all that is needed is the original title for the vehicle that has been purchased. Shipping from Florida ports requires an original Power Of Attorney from the last owner indicated on the Title. This will authorize export shipping. If the last owner is a company, a Power Of Attorney must be submitted confirming that the person signing for the company is authorized to do so.

Sotby handles all the paperwork except for the Power Of Attorney (see above).

Please contact us for the rate quote. The ocean rates displayed are based on shipping 3 cars in one container or shipping RO-RO. Rates for fewer cars per container or 4 cars in a container, for some Middle East and Africa destinations, can be requested.

In general there is a two week free storage period which may be extended depending on location and present volume. The storage rate after the two weeks complimentary period is $15 per car per day after 30 days.

Out of USA and Canada presently it is cheaper to ship cars in containers to the majority of destinations, however in case of single car shipping, Ro-Ro might be more cost efficient than in containers. In cases where the vehicle is very large or won't fit the container Ro-Ro is usually the only option. See below.

The door of a marine container (40' High Cube) is 92 inches (92" or 234 cm) wide and 101.5 inches (258 cm) high. Some boats on trailers which are a maximum of 94" wide might be still loaded in containers (tilted / on an angle).

Of course - we specialize in shipping of all types of vehicles. All such units are shipped by Ro-Ro (roll-on / roll-off) vessels. Rates are provided on a case by case basis.

You should fill out the Shipping Request form which you will find on our website or you might send us an email with details.

Banking details are always on our Invoices and you also can also find it on our website in 'Contacts'. We accept payments by wire transfers.

Terms for payment of freight charges are indicated always on our Invoices. Payment is usually required 14 days from the date of invoice. After 30 days there are late payment fees as indicated on Invoice.

Our rates include:

  • -US export clearance
  • -SED - Shippers Export Declaration
  • -Regular shipping documents and handling.


There are additional charges for:

  • -Marine Insurance (optional) all risks at premium 3% of declared value (total loss only)
  • -Courier fees for original Title to US customs and back costs $35
  • -Storage fees of $15 per day for vehicle stored for more than 30 days
  • -Wire transfer fee of $25 for freight payments


Yes but not any dangerous goods - flammable, under pressure, toxic, etc., including windshield washer fluid, paint, aerosols, airbags, shock absorbers, etc. Clients have to provide itemized list of the items including declared value of the contents of the vehicle

No, but SOTBY may place (it has to be requested in writing to SOTBY) marine insurance for you. Even though it is not mandatory, it is highly recommended to have insurance. All ocean shipments are subject to a specific law passed by the U.S. Congress known as the Carriage of Goods by Sea Act (CGSA) and the General Average (GA) Principle. Therefore, we highly recommend insuring your goods. The insurance premium is calculated as a percentage of the declared value of the goods. We strongly recommend the placement of insurance for all cars shipped.

In majority of cases it will be done within 10 days (original Title must be present) , but it could be affected by many factors like overbooked vessels, shortage of equipment, congestion at ports/terminals and other factors which cannot usually be anticipated.

It depends on distance and routing. All transit times are estimates only and never guaranteed. Moreover, steamship lines have the right to even change routing as long as the shipment is delivered to the final destination.

Documents (including original title) are always couriered by us by FedEx or TNT to our agent at destination port or directly to the consignee. On request they also can be couriered to the shipper or even a third party.

Yes, our agent at destination port (or steamship line office) will contact consignee that has been indicated on Bill of Lading when the car or container arrives. This notification is courtesy and is not mandatory.

You do not have to deal with US customs at the departure. On the arrival of the car at your destination port you or the agent authorized by you has to arrange customs clearance with local customs.

Destination agents can arrange:

  • - unloading from the containers or release from the Ro-Ro terminal
  • - documents required for customs clearance or transit
  • - customs clearance with local customs
  • - insurance for driving the car in transit
  • - delivery of the car from port to any inland destination


Yes. At every destination port there are terminal/unloading/handling charges to be paid to the agent. The ranges of charges vary from country to country.

Yes. Please contact us for more details.