Shipping Yachts and Air Planes


Container service is recommended if the yacht is small enough to fit inside an ocean container. Our warehouse provides professional services for loading and securing yachts into ocean containers. We recommend our customers to take advantage of these services to minimize the chance of any damage during the voyage. Larger yachts may be loaded onto flat rack containers. This option, however, is limited by equipment and space availability on the cargo vessel and can be quite costly.

Yacht loaded into a container:


Shipping Yachts RO-RO

Another option is referred to as a Roll-On/Roll-Off service. No container is used with this option and the yacht is loaded inside the specialized car carrier vessel that’s designed to carry various types of rolling stock: cars, trucks, motor homes, yachts, industrial equipment, etc. Handling, loading and unloading is done by the terminal workers – longshoremen. Upon request Sotby can arrange inland transport of your yacht. Oversized yachts over 26ft (7,5m) must be delivered to the port of export on the trailer or a cradle. If none is available – most terminals can build a cradle for an extra fee. Please see our Heavy Equipment page for more details.

Plane loaded into a container: