RO-RO Service

As a Non Vessel Operated Common Carrier (NVOCC) Sotby, Inc specializes in shipping Ro- Ro (Roll-on/Roll-off) cargo to variety of destinations. Sotby works with a network of carriers whose fleets are designed for maxim safety. Equipment is transported on vessels that represent the latest in Ro Ro design which are capable of carrying up to 8,000 CEU’s. All vessels contain wide ramps, ample heights with easy access to all decks and most modern lashing and securing devices to protect all cargo regardless of size, weight or type. Loading, stowing and discharging cargo are delicate procedures that demand both experienced personnel as well as purpose-built equipment. With that said Sotby partners with carriers that can supply the equipment necessary to ensure that all cargo is handled in the safest and most efficient manner possible.


Schedules and Terminals 


Sotby partners with carriers that operate with very precise schedules and have proven over and over again that cargo will deliver under specified deadlines. All cargo that’s being shipped Ro Ro needs to enter port at the least 3 days prior to vessel’s arrival. Cargo such as trucks that enter terminals need to have at least 6” of fuel in each fuel tank and is fully operable by terminal staff. All terminals provide 10 business days of free storage. If cargo stays on a terminal past 10 free days it will be subject to storage charges that will be billed to the client on their freight invoice.


Specific terminal instructions can be downloaded below:  


TexasHouston - Manchester Terminal Instructions
Georgia - Brunswick Terminal
Mariland - Baltimore MAT Terminal Instructions
Mariland - Baltimore Rukert Terminal Instructions
Rhode Island - Davisville Terminal Instructions


Customs Clearance 


In addition to cargo shipping, our staff at Sotby will remove any and all stress that might be associated with paperwork handling of your Ro Ro cargo. Depending on port of loading we will either submit all paperwork ourselves or provide full instructions to the customer if cargo is being delivered by third party intermodal service. Once paperwork is processed and cargo ships, our staff will insure to send all original documents including B/L – bill of Lading to the client’s desired address.




Inland Transport

Inland transportation is essential service in Ro Ro cargo transport. At Sotby we believe customers should be offered worry free cargo handling. Our inland transportation team that specializes in carriage of automotive, agricultural, construction and other rolling equipment will transport your equipment from and to any destination point in United States and Canada.





Ports of Loading and Ports of Delivery


Sotby Inc offers numerous (POL) ports of loading Across United States. Some of the ports are: New York NY; Baltimore MD; Norfolk VA; Newport News, VA; Savanna, GA; Brunswick, GA; Houston, TX; Halifax,CA.

Ports of Delivery (POD) include various ports such as: Zeebrugge and Antwerp Belgium; Bremerhaven, Germany; Gdinia, Poland; Helsinki /Kotka/Hamina, Finland; St. Petersburg, Russia, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia